24.11. – 6.12.2016 Bali: Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Helena

Get away from the pre-xmas stress, set out for exotic experience & yoga ...

2016 - 2018 New Teacher Training Program

Do you want to become a new Iyengar Yoga Teacher? Sign up...

1. 7. - 30. 8. 2016 Summer Schedule in the Iyengar Yoga Institute Prague

New summer schedule! Check out your favourite classes whether they take place during summer too...

! News ! 4. 7. 2016 Yoga practise & meditation: Interactive talk with a monk from India

We invite you for an interesting lecture by Indian monk (sanjasin) Ritodgata that practices yoga and meditation for over 30 years.

13. - 17. 7. 2016 Intensive workshop for intermediate students | Intermediate Junior I level prep

For students interested in deeping of their practice and for those wishing to take Intermediate Junior I. exams we organize a preparatory workshops...

What does Iyengar yoga mean?

In the 1950s, Indian teacher BKS Iyengar has presented specific teaching method of Hatha yoga that is known worldwide as Iyengar yoga...

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